Saturday, October 19, 2013

October 14th, 2013

Dear family,
 Anyways, this week was really successful, although I am still having to work like crazy to stay somewhat positive, so that continues to be frustrating.
Monday was awesome. We went to B's birthday party which was AMAZING! She was so excited to have us over for her birthday, it was great. We played keep-the-balloon-in-the-air and I ended up with some marker from one of the balloons on my forehead which was perfect for a three year old birthday party. We had birthday cake and then set up a lesson with their family and left. Sister L did take pictures so we might ask to send those to you guys. Sorry I haven't sent more photos, but I usually don't have time and these computers are kinda weird. Anyways, the B-day party was the best thing ever. We were elated after that. We taught a lesson on missionary work to a family in the ward and we have helped each family set some goals which hasn't yielded much from them, but the blessings have been evident from us trying to work with the ward better.
Tuesday was pretty great. We had a first lesson! The guys name is H, he is pretty cool, although not that interested in joining the church, but we didn't even get to talk about the restoration yet, and he said to come back and tell him more. We had to hurry out of there because we had interviews with President Slaughter. He is super cool, but the interview seemed pretty insignificant. We also taught J that night and him and A watched like all of conference. Unfortunately he missed the talk by President Uchtdorf, the one for him. We really are lost at to what he needs to commit. We had a training on having the faith to say what needs to be said at Zone Meeting, so we do plan to be pretty bold with him tomorrow, especially since it's Elder V's last lesson with them (more info later). 
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting which was great. I really like our Zone. We had a lesson with A, Sister S's little sister. She is nine and wants to get baptized. She actually lives in a different ward, but since she will go to church with the S, we can teach her. Sunday though, we found out we still might have to pass her on to another missionaries which would be frustrating. She is really shy, but she wants to get baptized and she has a date set for November 2. We also taught Brother J's friend M and his children, unfortunately his wife had to leave, but the lesson went really well and it's cool to see members get involved. The S and Brother J are awesome. He said he would read the Book of Mormon, and pray and he came to our Bible Study class which went well. 
Thursday we had dinner with an older lady and her recently married husband who isn't a member. He is really cool and really nice, but he's like 85 and doesn't want to change. We had a good lesson on the Book of Mormon, but he rejected our invitation to read and pray about it. J, Bro J, and M were the only ones at Bible Study, but it went well. The Spirit was pretty strong and J shared his testimony with M as to how the church helped him turn things around in his life. Elder V was sick so we had Bro J help give him a blessing which was cool that M got to see that. The Spirit was pretty strong there and it was a neat experience. We had to head in early so Elder V could get some sleep and we were really happy with the day. 
Friday Elder V was too sick to work, which stunk. It was a pretty boring day and we pretty much watched every video we had, including a sweet one on the building of the Salt Lake temple which made me love it even more. We did have a lesson with A and a less-active member set-up, so we got a member to stay with Elder V and another to come with me to the lessons. I was glad to get out of the apartment, and the lessons went pretty well. I also made a pretty cool chart to keep track of all of the different people in the Book of Mormon and how they split off and who is in charge, where they lived, etc, with scripture references to back it up. It should be pretty handy once it is complete, I only completed it through Mosiah, since that is where I am in my reading.
Saturday not a lot happened. We set up a bunch more member lessons and had a lesson with R as well. It was a pretty calm day.
Sunday, church was awesome. I really enjoy going to church and talking with the ward members. The talks were really awesome about the importance of member missionary work. One speaker challenged everyone to find at least one person to bring to church, so we have included that in our member lessons. Also, Saturday and Sunday rained a bit which was really nice and I loved that. We taught the J a lesson on missionary work and finished with like 6 member lessons, 6 lessons with a member present, 1 other lesson, and 5 lessons with less active and recent converts, so we were blessed for our efforts to work with the ward by having many chances to teach. It was great. We had transfer calls, and Elder V is moving and finishing a training, and I'm staying here. I'm excited to stay in this area and I really like the members here.
I know that this is Christ's church on the earth today. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and it brings me such peace when I read it. It helps me to know that God loves His children and provided a way through Jesus Christ for us to make it back to Heaven. That is comforting to know, and I am doing all I can to get there. It will be so rewarding to know we have tried our best to do our Heavenly Father's will and to enter into His presence. I know this through the power of the Holy Ghost that has confirmed this to me. Thanks for all of the love and support, I'm going to need lots of prayers as I transition into this new transfer with a new companion. Thank you!
Elder Pew
Elder Pew and companion photo sent by a member family in Texas